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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Murt lies about being a soldier

Just when you think Murt can't get any more disgusting the piece of shit posts that this photo is of him.  Notice the military uniform and the picture does not even remotely resemble him.

Who is this Murt?
Murt responds ME.

Murt said he couldn't join the military probably because he is a functional retard.  There is no way he could pass the test to get in so he is going to pretend to be a soldier.  YOU ARE A COCKSUCKER Murt.

There was an intense debate in the RT recently based on the outbursts of someone on Twitter ranting that I was a COWARD because I : “got out” of being sent to fight in Viet Nam. I would think that anyone out there who “avoided” service in Viet Nam might want to take issue with this woman calling them a COWARD.
I was the only sibling among 4 that did not serve in the military. I was also the youngest.
On December 1 1969 the well known draft lottery was held. I had graduated from high school in June of 1969 and was on the tail end of my stint as a teenager doing what teenagers did at that time.
That day in December started a count down of sorts among the male population under the age of 25 who found themselves with that lottery number nobody wanted. My lucky number was 220.
One of the first things a lot of teenagers did at that time was to take an extended vacation in Canada. Others ran and hid. It was far easier to “get off the grid” in those days.
Some of the smarter (and wealthier ones) Like Dick Chaney, Bill Clinton, and VP Biden found ways to get deferments, Chaney managed to get FIVE of the suckers.
How you got out of the draft depended on a number of factors. if you had MONEY, it was off to school you go. Lots of our fortune 500 CEO’S were the byproducts of college exemptions from the draft.
You could turn to GOD, literally. If you were a priest, there were ways to get out of the draft as a member of the clergy. A lot of men of draft eligible men were “born again.” and not only avoided the draft but found a rather neat way to make easy money.
Then there was the Conscientious Objector. A hippie was almost assured not to serve for obvious reasons. There were support groups in place to assist anyone who wanted to apply for this designation to avoid serving in the most unpopular war in US history.
Now let me turn to the wing nut that said I claimed to have “avoided the draft” by claiming one or both of the following:
A: I was deferred because I had Celiac Disease
B: I was deferred because I had contracted Infectious Hepatitis.
The answer is B: I was told by the MD that examined me as the reason I received a 4F designation by the Selective Service board.
A brief note here Celiac is nothing more than an intolerance to gluten, mainly in wheat, rye and other grain based foods containing gluten. The lack of tolerance to this substance depends on how severe the disease is and how well one maintains a diet. As long as you keep gluten intake low from wheat products, for instance, you can drink milk and not worry about any major side effects.
In short this is a disease of inconvenience and not serious to merit a 4-f to keep one out of Viet Nam
Now getting back to the disease that caused me to get the 4-f:
This is a chart someone sent me in regards to this disease:
I was told that the primary reasons for the designation were twofold:
First: I would not be able to give blood under any circumstances. My blood carries the disease for life. This is an obvious problem in a war zone.
Second: At the time of my examination, I had been released from the hospital after a month long stay only a week or two before. The MD felt that I was not sufficiantly recovered to be inducted.
Third: Although normally not taken into consideration, I am allergic to Penicillin as well as a fair number of antibiotics.
In her tirade the tweeter lady did not take into consideration that if I had PASSED my physical or even wanted to AVOID the draft altogether, there were any number ways to do so:
The first and most striking is 4-G The death of a parent. The lottery that I was selected for was in late 1969. The normal practice is to receive a notice in the mail to report to the draft board or designated MD for examination. I did the latter. The inductee would be examined and then, after a long wait, would get a paper in the mail giving the inductee his status.
The Draft Board, consisting of local citizens usually with a military background (veterans) would review each inductee and vote on the status.
THEY decided my designation and the reason for it. I had no say in the matter.
My Father died 2 months before those with my draft number would have been called up. If I had been called up, I would have received an automatic 4-g and would have been immediately discharged from military duty.
My brother, who was serving in Viet Nam was immediately relieved of duty and flown home. He did not know that Dad had passed away until he reached US soil.
Now the story could have easily have ended here but to be complete, there were other options for eligible inductees to avoid being sent to a war zone:
You could also get the 4f designation if you were gay. This was even before “don’t ask don’t” tell was enacted. A gay man could not serve, PERIOD.
You could get the 4-f designation for a wide number of reasons. Criminals were not allowed to serve along with others “unfit to serve.”
Another way to avoid the draft was “The Luck of The Draw.” remember that all of this was going on in 1969. We were just about at the END of the Viet Nam war. The number out there that caused a lot of draft age males to have bad dreams at night would have KEPT ME OUT OF THE WAR anyway. The HIGHEST draft number called up in the Viet Nam Era was 195. My draft number was 220.
So the brain dead tweeter up in snow country can now call all of us who avoided military service COWARDS simply because we wound up WINNING the lottery because we got a number higher than 195.
I would think anyone who had lived during the era of the Viet Nam war would remember the turmoil of that war and why even today, decades later, another president is faced with a divided nation because of our involvement in another “police action.”
No matter what the reader’s political view point is, he/she has to wonder what the situation would be today, if the draft were still existed.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Murt's Hatred of Women

You are nothing more than a lying dumbass bitch that cannot keep her story straight.  You keep coming in here and spewing your bullshit and are too much of a COWARD to use your REAL NAME.
What a sorry lying sack of shit you are.  Why not go over to the blog run by that saloon whore.  You deserve each other. 
What YOU need to do is get on your back, spread your legs and get OFF the internet.
This is not the first time that Murt has behaved in this manner.  Murt's demeanor is abusive and demeaning and shows exactly how he behaves when he doesn't get his way.  

Monday, August 6, 2012

Lying about being homeless

Murt's relationship with the truth is a stranger as he has proven over and over again.  Murt claims to be homeless, but in this post he proves otherwise.

william k murtaugh says:
October 4, 2011 at 7:19 pm

Right now I am letting the house be listed as a short sale. Due to the condition of the property, it is likely not going to be sold and it will be one of these cases where I hand over the keys to BOA. I already am renting a mobile home I am remodeling down in Orlando. 
I am wondering how long, after the 4 month sale period, the bank will give me to move out. They have offered moving assistance and I wonder if they go trough with this or if it is a lie on their part?       
Strategic Default and Bankruptcy “ Where is Florida Headed? | Foreclosure Defense & Strategic Default

Murt Claims Dirty PM's a Casey Diversion

Murt tried to enlist the help of Dr. Lillian Glass by claiming that the dirty chats he had were a diversion.  LMAO

Dr. Glass. There has been a great deal of odd activity either by the Anthony family or by those on their behalf. One individual in particular is Private Detective Dominic Casey. He spent a great deal of time defaming innocent citizens who had nothing to do with this case.
I am a victim of Mr. Casey’s antics. Mr Casey provided unauthenticated material to various law enforcement agencies without bothering to contacting me to inquire as to the nature of this material. 
By submitting this material which was purported to be a PRIVATE conversation between me and an unknown individual was done so in violation of the Florida Security of Communications Act which ensure such conversations would be kept private. To date, Mr Casey has not been made accountable for his actions. 
Many individuals were the victims of the Wrath of the Anthony families simply because we had the opinion that Casey was not being straightforward with what has happened to Caylee. 
Were these acts by Dominic Casey on behalf of the Anthony’s an attempt to divert attention away from Casey? I would suggest an investigation is in order. 
William K Murtaugh
murtwitnessonelive - July 9, 2011 at 8:02 pm 
Cindy Anthony Cousin Claims George Was An Accomplice to the Crime Which Casey Will Explain In An Upcoming Book « Dr. Lillian Glass Body Language Blog

No Murt.  He turned the chats over because he thought you were a dirty pig like everyone else does.

Murt Makes Death Threats

There are two points here:
First the Pm’s are clearly fake because I am on record not using the kind of language that are contained within them. They are also fake because the conversations lack continuity. By that I mean that in a normal conversation, even in text form, there is a consistency in the topic being discussed. The PM’s are a series of “sound bytes” that jump from one sentence to another. This is not the way I message people in an extended session. There are thousands of posts of mine out there that brings this out.
This is the main reason the detective at the LCSO dismissed them outright. He saw them as obvious forgeries.
As for why I will not release the originals:
There a a number of reasons I am not releasing the original conversations. First, the ARE evidence in both the Anthony trial and a private investigation for a possible civil lawsuit. Next, the pm’s were not a single conversation but were actually 23 different conversations. They would not even be close to the original conversations because the conversation that was posted was faked almost from scratch. There is perhaps one or two sentences in the subject PM’s that were anywhere near accurate.
The final reason is that they were PRIVATE conversations that never should have been released to begin with. This issue is YEARS old. The pm’s even in their forged forms are meaningless. They are nothing but fodder for the attention whores who have no life and no power.
In the YEARS since the pm was released NOBODY has come forward with the specifics of, who originated the conversation, how the conversation was recorded and who the person was that released the information in the first place. In fact EVERYONE supporting the pm’ session as GENUINE is going out of their way to HIDE any information regarding them. It is as if they want to AVOID law enforcement investigation of their content by DENYING to law enforcement the specific evidence they would need in the event there was any legal remedy based on their existence.
Demeaning a total stranger hundreds of miles from there is entertaining for them. They are not seeking any truth. They are seeking laughs at the cost of an innocent victim.
The bullies/stalkers got what they wanted. So now they can move on to their next victim and leave me alone.
The trial is over Murt.  Post your copies of the PM.  You have admitted to having them and you have admitted to participating in the chat.  You said you don't use abusive language and you also said that you were trying to "draw out" the other side and your conversation was "ill advised".   You DO use abusive language and you have made death threats.   Does this ring a bell?  "You will be leaving in a body bag"  "Watch your back jack"  "You're going to find out what it is like to cross me"   "you're going to be on my mind 24/7 for the rest of my life".  

Social Security Fraud

Murt has claimed that he is now on social security disability for an anger issue.  More specifically, he claims that he is getting a check for “Post Traumatic Embitterment Syndrome”.  Murt admits that he has become so bitter he can barely function.  This is very obvious by following his tweets and reading his blog. He even brags about being able to collect disability for doing nothing more than being a bitter, rotten old man.
enabling me to earn over $25000 a year TAX FREE that they will paying me for doing absolutely NOTHING except being “embittered.”
The definition of PTES that you can read about at Wikipedia says
Some psychiatrists are proposing this as a mental disorder because they believe there are people who have become so bitter they can barely function.[1] PTED patients do not fit the formal criteria for PTSD and can be clinically distinguished from it, prompting the description of a new and separate disorder.[2][3]
In this audio clip, Murt brags to Shawnio about getting his check for being a bitter old asshole.

Click that link and you will find nothing there because Murt has conveniently removed it.  Try as he might to make it go away we have the text and he stated
Now, for some odd reason Shawnio seems to be obsessed with my tweets regarding the SSA approving my SSDI submission. It is rather odd he is following my tweets and my “dull” blog, but I guess the kid in the basement has nothing else better to do.
Now, just to set the record straight, even though is is NONE of his business, I will set the record straight for this nitwit. The CORRECT amount I was granted is $1585.00 PER MONTH. Now that works out to around $17,000 per YEAR hence, the twitter post that I underlined should have made that clear. Of course Shawnio ignored THAT one.
But wait!  Murt claims he has not been able to work all these years because he has lost it all and bullies have forced him into a corner in the fetal position on the brink of a nervous breakdown.  What is this?  STI Auto Sales?
MURTWITNESSONE wrote at 2011-10-16 17:06:41That is an outstanding deal. Fully restored, these cars go for more than $10,000.00. It is also under 100,000 which increases it's value. It is also good you are getting a parts car if it is fairly complete as that has value as well.
William K Murtaugh STI Auto Sales Orlando, Florida
Murt is clearly showing his place of employment which is for himself, like it has ALWAYS been.  Murt is a junkman.  He has probably never held a real job like the rest of us, but instead "bartered" his way through life shilling garbage that he finds in dumpsters and flea markets. This is from Murt's Yahoo journal where he explains what he does for a living.  All these years and obviously nothing has changed.  Murt is a conman and grifter.  Murt had also been involved in a romance scam and claimed it was a friend.  Murt has no real life friends.  His own family distances themselves from him.   Here's your sign.
Entry for April 03, 2006 Well, this should be interesting. This is the fist day of the first blog I have ever set up. It is a birth that needs to grow up. With all groing things, mistakes will be made and things will have to be learned. Please be patient as I grow this new experience. I will always try and break up my posts by the byline TOPIC: OOOK: Here we go TOPIC: WHO AM I?? My name is Bill. I am 55, white and NOT hansome. A lady once came up to me at Universal Orlando and asked me if I was the actor who played "The Swamp Thing." in the short lived series. After telling her no and she told me that I looked like him, I asked her "do you mean the actor or the creature?" One of these days I am going to find a photo of that guy. I am 6 feet tall, have silver hair, blue eyes, and all the other stuff a guy my age normally has. I weigh 233 lbs as weighed on a medical scale today during a visit to the doc. As far as what I do for a living, I am a man who wears many hats. One of the reasons is that I keep losing them. I am a Truck driver, Tour Bus driver, and a Used Car Dealer. Flea Market Vender, and a general whatever, that will bring a doller to my wallet. Eventualy, there will be a photo up here for all to print out and shoot darts at. I may extend and revise my bio from time to time. Now on to the next topic. TOPIC: MY ON LINE EXPERIENCES I have been on line since the early 80's, my first computer being a commodore vic 20 with a 300 baud modem. In those days we logged onto local BBB'S, which were mostly message bases. These BBS'S evolved into a system of hubs that acted like manualy operated packet systems. It would take forever to explain all of this but it made for an interesting experience. I eventually graduated to a commodore 128 which had the astonishing speed of 1200 bps and even had a 1.44mb mini disk drive. I stuck with the commodore for years and also logged on with the old Texas instruments 64k computer a sleek black and stainless steeel unit and with an old Radio Shack computer the size of a small barn. The nice thing about the Radio Shack computer is that it had a hard drive. A massive 5 MEGA byte job that weighed an absolute ton.
My main reason for going on line was to engage in the age old hobby of barter. I love to barter. I have all kinds of things (mainly junk) to trade so let me know what you have and what you are looking for. You never know. As the internet grew and on line services began to offer access, I went from my AOL account that I used for my national contacts to Earthlink, my first internet provider. I eventually went back to AOL and have an account to them to this day. I know all the stories about AOL but I need it because of my contacts. I always try and keep up with the trends here and after reading about all of the blogs going up, I decided to try to post one and see if there is anyone besides me that will read the darn thing.
TOPIC: ROMANCE SCAMS This is the actual reason I started this. A short time ago someone I know asked me to help a friend of his determine if a woman he is IM'ing with on Yahoo messenger is scamming him. I decided to see if I could help and in a vary short period of time, found that he was the victim of a vary common form of this scam. I will, from time to time, post my progress here Depending on the interest level. Well, that should do it for now. Stay tuned for more including my "Murt Essays." which is my other hobby of writing. Murt is my cb radio nick name and it is the one that most people know me by on the internet. I wrote the Murt Essays a long time ago when I was on the GEmini internet service and also submitted the essays to trucking magazines. None were published so don't be looking for any of them. Suggestions are always welcome, that way I will know that someone saw this thing. Murt Orlando, Fla. Monday April 3, 2006 - 06:57pm (EDT) Next Post: Entry for May 06, 2006

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Terroristic Threats Against Murt

Murt being the paranoid fool that he is and one who has no sense of humor accuses Murtmania of being in trouble with the EFFEN BEE EYE for threatening to send him pot laced cookies.  Murt you're all fart and no shit! I know listening to these videos is time you can never get back, but you will hear admit to many things that he has recently denied. He tells on himself and can't remember his own lies.

The post master is examining every piece of mail that comes into Murt's box? LMAO He claims to have sent everything to Lake County Sheriffs. 24 hours a day they are monitoring Murt's computer. LMFAO! Just a few of the insanities that Murt claims in this video. THe EFF BEE EYE gave him a 1tb hard drive that they are streaming all the haters on. bawhahahahahahah You cannot make this stuff up!

The hatred started with the Trenton Duckett he says. I wonder why that is, Murt!!???

FBI is Checking Murt's Mail

Video streaming by Ustream

Murt claims that the FBI is checking all of his mail. LMFAO Have you ever seen anyone so paranoid?

Donations for Caylee

click to enlarge
Murt says he has never asked for donations.  Oh really?  Here is a screenshot of his website with the paypal button on it asking for donations for "searches" for missing children.
click to enlarge

Murt and the Chats

Even as Murt continues to paint a different picture of his participation in the chats there is documentation out there about exactly where the chats originated and who was involved in them.  Murt would rather you ignore the truth and believe his twisted, imaginary memory of the events.  Moisangfroid who was a former member of Monoxide's forum posted a blog about the chats and said

Then came the PMs with Murt about killing another child whose case Murt involved himself in. It was apalling to say the least, and it floored me how very few attacked Mono on this point. The ones who did signed their MMAC resignation Im sure!!! The other members who contacted the police at Monos urging only tied themselves in further by giving him something to hold over them forever more. Me and a few other members took issue with this but only discussed it amongst ourselves, as the few who did react appropriately were attacked incessantly.This would be carried into their real lives soon as well.After all one doesnt fuck with Mono or MMAC!!!

Everyone has always known who was on the other side of the chat and remember Murt ADMITTED that he participated in them.
ILL ADVISED is how Murt attributed his words.  Perverted words about a dead child.  Disgusting words that no normal adult would utter.  No normal adult would ever say to a complete stranger on the other side of a chat that he wanted to troll the malls for children, that he wanted to have sex with a little girl or that he killed Trenton Duckett.  Ill advised?  His words were disgusting and he claims he was trying to "draw out" the other party.
It was the OTHER PARTIES that brought up the subject to begin with. It was a long time before I made the ill advised comments for the SOLE reason of trying to draw them out. In retrospect it was a bad mistake on my part.The whole thing was a set up and I fell for it. 
 Since his admission Murt has tried to rewrite history.  He has claimed that a former administrator of his chat logged onto his paltalk to participate in the chat without his knowledge and then he claimed that the images were altered.  The truth is Murt DID participate in those chats and he is lying now in an attempt to repair his horrible reputation.

The Forgotten One An ADMISSION

Murt's confession to having participated in the chat.  Note that the comments have now been removed.

Much has been made recently of the things I said in the PM’s that were part of the discovery release as part of the Casey Anthony Murder trial. Rather than restate my position on the validity and completeness of those documents and the rather sloppy investigation on the part of the Private detective who eventually turned the screenshots over to law enforcement, I would like to address something about the PM conversations that have been DELIBRATELY OVERLOOKED by BEACONHELL and her ilk.WHAT ABOUT THE PEOPLE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE CONVERSATIONS??????IN THE DEBATE OVER WHAT I SAID IN THE PM’S, AS ILL ADVISED AS THEY MAY BE, NOT ONE WORD HAS BEEN SAID ABOUT THE OTHERS IN THE PM’S THAT TOOK PART IN THE CONVERSATION.
There are two alarming points in regard to the ommision of the identity of these persons when these PM’S were released to the Anthony’s detective AND to the public by BEACONHELL and others.
FIRST: It was the OTHER PARTIES that brought up the subject to begin with. It was a long time before I made the ill advised comments for the SOLE reason of trying to draw them out. In retrospect it was a bad mistake on my part.The whole thing was a set up and I fell for it.
SECOND: These people remain UNIDENTIFIED and FREE to act out on what THEY said in the PM’S.
I WONDER IF PRINCESS AND HER FRIENDS WILL TAKE THE CREDIT WHEN some child or other person becomes a victim because she decided NOT to act.
Stay tuned
Posted by MURTWITNESSONELIVE at 11:47 AM 26 comments 

Murt & The Private Messages

Murt admitted taking part in the private messages with Monoxide where he said he wanted to have sex with Caylee Anthony and that he killed Trenton Duckett.  Murt ADMITTED that his actions were "ill advised".  Murt continues to deny that he participated in the chat even though he himself ADMITTED to taking part in it.  You can't have it both ways Murt!  You are a LIAR and you are now trying to rewrite history.

On October 2, 2009 Murt wrote a blog called "The Forgotten One" and he ADMITTED taking part in the chat.  How can anyone believe a single thing this man says when he has lied so many times.  He complained in his blog about the other party and why hasn't anyone questioned their part in the conversation.  Many people were disgusted.  So much so that they left Monoxide's forum.  But everyone knew that it was Monoxide on the other side of the chat and Murt DID say the disgusting things he did about children.

Murt claims that his haters are working with a pedophile yet he is communicating with somene using the same photo as a picture using the name @ChatroomCreeper.

The links to the images from the chat have always been the same.  Murt claims that the images were photoshopped and that his copes are in rtf format.  He also claims that he took his copies to the police and they claimed the images were frauds since they were in image format.  Murt fails to mention in his recent blogs that he ADMITTED to participating in the chats.  Murt can spin this any way he wants but he admitted to participating.

STAY TUNED! More to come.

The Caretaker Letter

Murt thought it would be hysterical to write a caretaker letter for the person who had abducted Trenton Duckett. He spent weeks on the true crime forums posting countdown dates until January 12, which he stated was the date that Trenton would be returned to his loved ones. How does one even begin to explain the unnecessary trauma and heartache that was caused by William Murtaugh to this family? Why would anyone lie to the family of a missing child or to those who were following the case using false hopes all because this madman wanted to get attention for himself.

Below is the Caretaker Letter that Murt posted and what eventually resulted in Mike DeForest coming to his home to interview and ask him what inside information he had. To which Murt exclaimed that he had no inside information and was only posting it because he thought it would draw out the abductor. It was "ill advised" and Murt will use this excuse years later after his involvement in the Caylee Anthony case.

The Caretaker Letter
To Trenton’s caretaker
Hello my friend:I now know why Melinda trusted you to take care of Trenton.
I know that you are monitering the discussion forums.
You know time is running out.
Listen to your soul mate. Things are going to work out.
It is time to return Trenton to his family.
Take Trenton to the larger hospital or take Trenton to the fire station on the main road near your place.
Do it now.
Do it while you still can.
If you need help, contact me. You know how.

The Angry Giant

Essay by Murt

"I fear all we have done is awaken an angry Giant and fill him with a terrible resolve."

It is the future, days weeks, months, perhaps years have passed..

It is evening and the adult is getting ready to watch the spelling game when the little boy walks in, his sub-conscience sound asleep dreaming the mind pictures the little boy is sending him, the happy, carefree thoughts of a young child at play.

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Murt claims that he has never asked for donations.  Really?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Murt's Secret Life for the Govt


> William,
> Best of luck to you in your new task force.

Thanks for the wishes.

I do know that there are a lot more cyber crimes out there, but we
remain with our focus, as it is more then enough for us to deal

That is understood. My intent with the formation of this Task Force
is to centralize efforts for anyone who might have a problem in the
specific areas I mentioned. I have noticed throughout the internet
many groups and forums dedicated to Romance-Scams and the key here
is they are scattered all over the place. What is needed is
something like a Web-Ring where a large group of victims from all
over the internet to connect up in one central clearinghouse. We were actually the very first group on the net that dealt with Romance Scams exclusively. The groups that you find scattered all over the net dealing with this are mostly people who started here and then decided they had different agendas or that they could fight this more affectively so they went off on their own. My only problem to being linked to some of the other groups is that I do not always believe in their tactics or in the manner in which they handle things. 

This is also true of the other areas I mentioned. 
> One of the biggest problems with government and law enforcement
being lax is the fact that they are not very well informed about the
romance scams.

One of the secrets I will reveal here to some extent, is that I am a
civilian contractor for a few government agencies dealing with cyber
issues. Legal restraints prohibit me from being more specific. My
internal workings with these agencys have pointed out their
Well if you can get them to listen and do more that is marvelous.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

But they posted my name!!

Actually Murt has been posting his full name online for years.

Click to enlarge

Murt Threatens Mbump on Forum

Murt threatens to post address and real name.
Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Murt: Stalking Since 2007

Murt seems to have a history of being accused of stalking and harassing women online.  He threatened to post the names and address of a woman's home and children.,offset=270

Visions of Trenton

Murt took this photo of the playground at the apartment complex Melinda Duckett lived in.  Murt says he has visions of Trenton being on the slide.  Creepy.  Maybe that's why he also thought it was okay to go to a Vietnamese festival and take pictures of small children who did not belong to him.

He Partied with Casey Anthony

Murt will say anything to get attention.  He even claimed to have been at a party with Casey Anthony.  You be the judge of whether you believe this garbage or not.

Sample text

Sample Text

Sample Text